Toronto Marathon

Half-Marathon and 10K
May 3 2020 Partnering with Bnei Akiva Schools of Toronto

I Did It, You Can Too!

Jonny Lipczer

Today was incredible, and Team Bnei Akiva was proud to be part of it! I am so happy that Bnei Akiva has developed such a wonderful relationship with Yachad – working hand in hand for such important values, and with such inspiring people. Well done on everything you have achieved, and we look forward to continuing to work B’yachad!

T.K. Rosenblum, Yachad Supporter

It was cold outside… but our excitement and energy kept us all warm! We did the Toronto Goodlife 5K with Yachad and we crossed the finish line! We ran, skipped, walked, sang and danced as a team all 5K. This was something extraordinary. We were hand in hand the whole way (except for the dancing part) with an amazing Yachad member. My daughters had done this marathon with Yachad before and they told me that it was no ordinary run, but something so much more, and they were right! We are so fortunate to have a Toronto Yachad that is front and center in our community. Boy did we display our Yachad colors with great pride and smiles at the Run! Can’t wait to do it again next year, rain or shine or even snow!

Julia Slater, Yachad Member

This was my first time doing a marathon and I had never done it before. I am glad to be part of the marathon and the Yachad program. Yachad means to me that I like to meet a lot of new people and I am so grateful to be a member of Yachad. The best part of the marathon was doing the 5K because I am so proud and happy that I did it! Thank you Yachad for giving me the opportunity for this and I’ll continue doing it again!

Zahava Shields, Yachad Parent

My 4 kids (ages 16-22) have been involved with Yachad for many years now. They participate in their Shabbatonim, the marathon and other programs, and have grown immensely from the experience. Yachad has taught my kids that those to whom the world refers to as “special needs kids” are really just kids with special needs. They see the kid first and foremost and understand that their special needs do not define them but are only one characteristic among many that make up who they are. We’re so appreciative to Yachad for spreading this message, understanding and inclusion to our community!

Guitti Perman, Yachad Member

On Sunday May 7th I ran the Yachad Marathon. I was so excited to do this. My counselors told me “let’s take the shortcut,” but I said “no way.” I wanted to do the full 5K. It was a little cold in the morning but then the sun came out. It was amazing! I told my running partner Racheli that when I was born, many people and my doctors said that I would never walk. Now I was going to run the marathon and prove I could walk and run. My brother said if Guitti can run a marathon, we all need to do more and be the best we can be! After the marathon Yachad had a BBQ for the participants and their families. I got a medal and a gift for completing the marathon.

Sivan Galperin, Yachad member

I did the marathon twice and I was so proud to represent Yachad as well as improve myself as a person. This experience gave me the chance to test my limits and show the world who I am and what Yachad means to me.  I like how it feels like a family where we don’t judge each other, which lets us be ourselves.  With Yachad encouraging and cheering me on, I feel that there is nothing, and I mean nothing! that I can’t do.

Terri Quint, Yachad member

2 years ago was the first time I participated in the Toronto Goodlife Marathon with Yachad. I was really excited in 2014 when the marathon came about again. 5 km is a long walk but I was so excited that I ran to the finish line as soon as I was able to see it. Walking with Team Yachad is a lot of fun. Everyone is friendly and nice. I loved taking the picture at the end and eating the pizza and the other food. I cannot wait for the marathon in May 6, 2018.

Jonah Simcha Chaim Muskat-Brown, Advisor

We – not I; because Yachad is never about the I.  I was fortunate enough to participate in the 2014 Toronto Goodlife Fitness 5k with Team Yachad as we ran, pushed, walked, and sang from the moment the buzzer went off until we all reached the finished line.  With 3 out of 4 tires flat in our jogging stroller, it was quite the feat, but really nothing new to Yachad’s philosophy – that when it comes to success, there is no such thing as a half-effort.  Zalmy and I ran, not against the marathon clock, but again our own, personal clocks and personal selves.  We participated, not to race against our friends, but to run alongside each other.  We ran, not so much for ourselves, but for what we were able to achieve together.  Toronto Goodlife Fitness 5k May 6, 2018…HERE WE COME!

Aryeh Spiegel, Advisor

Last year I had the privilege to run with Team Yachad for the second time. I ran the Goodlife Fitness Half-Marathon with 4 other advisors and one of my best friends and favourite Yachad participants, Hershel. The happiness I witnessed on the faces of Hershel, my fellow advisors, and other race participants around us as we ran by in our blue and orange was incredible. When we finished, we joined a large group cheering on the 5K participants. It was one of the best days of the year and I can’t wait to do it again on May 6, 2018!