Toronto Marathon

Half-Marathon and 10K
May 3 2020 Partnering with Bnei Akiva Schools of Toronto

Shosh Ouzzan

I am so Excited
I m 25 years old
You know me !
I work at Eitz Chaim as a teacher assistant in JK
I love the kids and they love me
I love the parents and they love me
I love the teachers and they love me
I want YACHAD to make more programs so I can participate
in life
like you
so please help me raise some money !!!
thanks so much

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  • Anonymous C$18.00

    You're the best Shosh!!

  • Debi Friedman C$36.00

    Go Shosh, Go !!!!

  • Annie Samuel C$54.00

    Keep up the amazing work! You are an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with. Keep smiling!

  • Gavriellah FIHRER C$72.00

    amazing , enjoy the run !!

  • Moyal-Bitton Moyal C$180.00

    You can do it Shosh! Always making your family and friends so proud!! And always with a smile(;

  • Elizabeth and Jonah Turk C$18.00
  • ruthy posner C$36.00

    Good luck Shoshana!

  • David & Kathy Ohayon C$50.00

    Go go go Shosh! So proud of you!

  • Chaya Assayag C$36.00

    You’re the best Morah Shoshana!!

  • Raquel Kohn C$25.00
  • Johnny Ouzzan C$48.17

    We love you Shoshana! Keep up your amazing work! You inspire all of us! Johnny! (PS - wink and snap

  • Marla Young C$72.00

    Shosh, you are doing an amazing job of fund raising! I am happy to be a sponsor.

  • Eve Seni C$26.00

    You're amazing! lots of love

  • meleha Ouazan lezmy C$30.00

    With all my love !!! Pessah cacher vesameah Beatzlaha raba

  • Suzanne et Andre Sarfati C$72.00

    Go Shoshana Go, you are the best. We love you

  • Shoshana Klein C$36.00

    Go Shosh! Love Shosh!

  • Tali Elhadad C$52.00

    B”H We love you Shoshana ❤️ And we wish you Hatzlacha Rabah in everything that you do !!!

  • Ashira Mammon C$18.00
  • Elisheva Smith C$50.00

    Way to go Shosh!

  • Deena David C$36.00

    Love you Shosh!!

  • Judi and Jeremy Cohen C$18.00

    We love you Shoshi

  • Judy Mernick C$24.02

    GO Shosh, GO!

  • Marty and Gail Bergman C$72.00

    Good luck, Shosh, and have fun! You're awesome!!

  • Yosef Chaim and Talia Simcha Ouzzan C$200.00

    Run Shoshana Run!

  • Ron Nusbaum C$18.00

    Yashir Koach Shoshana!

  • Stephanie Brandwein C$96.61

    Go Shosh!!!! We are cheering for you!!! Tizku l'mitzvos!

  • Petah Tikva Anshe Castilla Congregation C$180.00
  • Anonymous C$54.00
  • Patricia Kadoche C$36.00

    You are awesome Shosh!! Hatzlacha, so proud of you

  • Anonymous C$55.00

    all the best!

  • Anonymous C$260.00
  • Shaindel Biren C$36.00

    Yay shosh!

  • Gina epstein C$25.00

    You are the best, Shosh!

  • Dana Grossman C$36.00

    Way to go Morah Shosh!

  • Heidi Fine C$18.00

    So proud of you!!

  • Yudit & Chaim Levy C$18.00

    Good luck Shosh!!