Toronto Marathon

Half-Marathon and 5K
May 6 2018 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Ari Heber

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  • Anonymous C$50.00

    Go Ari Go!

  • Dori Levine C$36.00

    Ari, I know you are working hard to get in shape to run. And I know you will be amazing, no matter what you do. Dori

  • Tzvi Hirschman C$25.00

    Run Ari Run

  • Anonymous C$18.00

    Go Ari go!

  • Anonymous C$18.00

    You're a much better bal koreh then Hirschman!

  • Zev Zlotnick C$50.00

    You better have a clean shave Heibish!

  • Anonymous C$25.00

    You got this Ari. From Your "coach"

  • abraham kaplan C$72.00

    We are very proud of you, Air! Auntie Eva and UA

  • Esther Kaplan C$36.00

    Love your spirit -- so so proud of you...Estie

  • Adina Stern C$12.60

    Go Uncle Ari!!!!!!!!! You rock!!!!!! Adina

  • Allen and Annie Heber C$100.00

    Ari we are so proud of you! Keep up your amazing efforts on behalf of Yachad. ABBA and Mommy

  • Ari & Chaya Messinger C$25.00

    Good luck Ari!

  • Yael & Bryna Stern C$10.22

    Go Uncle Ari!!! We love you! -Yael & Bryna

  • Yitzi and Dahlia Stern C$51.09

    Ari- you are an inspiration to all of us!! We are so proud of your dedication and commitment to Yachad! Keep up the great work!! Yitzi, Dahlia and Family

  • Avi and Estie Heber C$25.54

    Good Luck Ari!

  • David & Sonya Kaplan C$18.00

    Wooo hooo Ari!! We are so proud of you and this undertaking. We can't wait to see you cross that finish line. Lots of luck and love, David, Sonya, Moshe & Elie

  • Binyamin Stern C$10.00

    Uncle Ari, we are all cheering for you all the way from the states!!! Go uncle Ari GO!!!!!!!

  • Tsvi Heber C$50.00

    Tizku L'Mitzvos Ari!

  • Yitzchak and Chani Kaplan C$18.00
  • Gerald Warner C$40.00

    Good Run! Gerry and Ruth Warner

  • David Koschitzky C$72.00
  • Bryna & Danny Sapir C$54.00

    Go Ari!! Have a great run!! Bryna & Danny

  • The George Hofstedter Family Foundation C$72.00
  • Brenda and Jimmy Westbrook C$100.00

    keep up the great work

  • kenny and reena greenwald C$72.00