Toronto Marathon

Half-Marathon and 10K
May 3 2020 Partnering with Bnei Akiva Schools of Toronto

Shaul Rubinoff

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  • Yosi Rubinoff C$18.00

    Good luck.

  • Yossi and Tova Marder C$100.00

    Go get em Shaul and keep up the great work! Love you man!

  • Benyamin and Breindy Rubinoff C$100.00

    Keep up the good work!!!

  • HARVEY ZEPP C$18.00
  • Ezra Oksemberg C$18.00

    Good luck!!!

  • Bernard Spiegel C$50.00

    Hi Shaul: Run, run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me - I'm the Gingy - bread man! Go Shaul - Grandpa Spiegel

  • Paloma Blanca Shimmy and Joely Bernstein C$100.00
  • Aitan Lerner C$36.00

    Good luck!

  • Stuart Hytman C$100.00

    Yasher koach!

  • Gabi and Chaya Shull C$36.00

    Go Shaul!

  • David Goldreich C$50.00
  • Adeena, Volvi, Shmuli & CeeCee Bergman C$72.00

    We are super proud of you!

  • Zev Rosenblum C$36.00

    Ya'Asher Koach!!

  • Joseph Rutman Joseph Rutman C$100.00
  • Ariah & Hadass Schattner C$54.00
  • Anonymous C$118.00
  • Chaim Sapirman C$100.00
  • Anonymous C$36.00
  • Aaron Gold C$18.00

    I'm thinking of something clever to write here, but nothing came to mind, so well, ... that's that.

  • Steven & Bracha Balsam C$72.00
  • Moshe and Deana Weinstock Moshe and Deana Weinstock C$36.00
  • Yolanda Engel C$25.00
  • Ira Marder C$125.00
  • MItchell Feintuch C$200.00
  • Charles J. Rubinoff C$218.00
  • Ben Zigelbaum C$300.00
  • Zichron Binyamin Vouchers C$268.00
  • Thomas and Zipora Zwiebel C$100.00
  • Amir Shuster C$18.00
  • Joseph and Rochelle Rubinoff C$25.00
  • Anonymous C$180.00
  • Anonymous C$20.00
  • Mendel and Judy Rubinoff C$36.00
  • Anonymous C$100.00
  • Lawrence Weinberg C$72.00

    from the entire Weinberg family! Go get em carrot top!

  • Karen & Jay Spitzer C$72.00
  • David Silver C$50.00

    Great cause!

  • Shmulie Schwartz C$24.25

    GO Shaul!! cant wait till my next trip so we can hang!

  • Anonymous C$10.00
  • David Marcovitch C$37.00
  • Devorah Marmer C$18.00

    Thank you for always being there for Yachad! Your dedication and drive are an inspiration to everyone!