Toronto Marathon

Half-Marathon and 10K
May 3 2020 Partnering with Bnei Akiva Schools of Toronto

Shaindy Weinberger

Hi! My name is Shaindy Weinberger. I was born and raised in Toronto. I went to Bais Yaakov Elementary and High School and spent amazing summers in Camp Agudah. I joined Yachad last year and love going to all the programs and making new friends. I even went on the Yachad Birthright Israel trip this winter! I am so excited to run the marathon again, with my friends and family cheering me on. I hope you'll support me too!

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  • Malka Lexier C$36.00

    Go Shaindy!!

  • Batsheva Stein C$66.58

    Go Shaindy go!!! Cheering you on from NY!!!

  • Rachel Markovic C$250.00

    So proud of you Shaindy!!!

  • Lizzy Weinles C$48.00

    Amazing Shaindy!! Can't wait to see the pics!

  • Miriiam Kahan C$18.00

    Wishing you an amazing run-we are rooting for you

  • Chavi Posen C$36.00

    Go Shaindy!!!

  • Yossi and Meiri brachfeld C$133.32

    We’re so proud of you!

  • Shlomy and Ahuvah Slatus and Family C$157.32

    Go Shaindy!! We are so proud of you!!!

  • Chaya and chaim zvi Azman Azman C$100.00

    Good luck Shaindy!!!

  • Batsheva and Shaul Katz C$180.00

    Go Shaindy! We are all so proud of you! Love your cousins, Batsheva and Shaul Katz, Yoni, Azi and Ava

  • Moshe Azman C$133.32

    Go Shaindy!! We are so proud of you! Love, Avigail and Moshe, Reizi, Rummi, and Yakov Azman

  • Rachel Cohen C$36.00

    Go Shaindy!!

  • Mimi Elmaleh C$54.00

    Go Shaindy!! Good luck!

  • Blima Ehrentreu C$100.00

    Go Shaindy!!!!! You're amazing!!

  • Ruthy & Tommy Azman C$160.56

    Wishing our dearest Shaindy הצלחה! Love, Tommy & Ruthy

  • Sarah Cohen C$36.00

    Go Shainds!!

  • Devorah Good C$36.00

    So happy to hear you're doing it again! Best of luck!

  • Ben (Tuli) Weiss C$200.15

    Go Shaindy! We are so proud of you!

  • Weinberger Chaim and yocheved C$100.00

    Go Shaindy go!!! We are so proud of you! What an amazing accomplishment. We love you!! Tatti, Mommy and the whole fam

  • Miri Schneeweiss C$100.00

    Go Shaindy!!!!

  • Batsheva Weinberger C$25.00

    Good luck on the marathon Shainds...I couldn't be more proud of you!! I'll be cheering for you by the finish line! XOXO, Batsheva

  • uri weinberger C$10.00

    don't get tired big sis!!!!!! from:Uri

  • Alice Weiss C$134.26

    Hatzlacha Rabbah Shaindy darling! So excited for you and proud of you. Go Shaindy! Love you, Babi

  • Reichmann Rivkie C$180.00

    Go Shaindy go! You are a true inspiration!

  • Sheya & Shoshana Weinberger C$33.57

    Go Shaindy Go!! We're rooting for you in Baltimore! -Sheya & Shoshana