Toronto Marathon

Half-Marathon and 5K
May 6 2018 Running Hand in Hand for Disability Inclusion

Shaindy Weinberger

Hi my name is Shaindy Weinberger and this is my first Yachad Marathon. I'm so excited! I live in Toronto, went to Bais Yaakov elementary and high school, as well as Camp Agudah Toronto. I just started attending Yachad programs and I love going to Zumba and baking etc. Please sponsor my walk and help Yachad continue its amazing programs!

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  • Livia Halberstam C$100.00

    Terrific, Shaindy! Rooting for you. Livvie

  • Yossi and Meiri brachfeld C$128.77

    In honor of our favorite cousin, Shaindy!

  • Elli and chumie Azman C$64.39

    Way to go Shaindy!!!!! We are so proud of you!! You continue to inspire and uplift everyone around you!! Lots of love, Elli Chumie and the kids

  • Allan Lebovits C$128.77

    Go Shaindy! Love your cousins, Aron, Meira & the Kids.

  • Sarah Schneeweiss C$75.00

    Go Shaindy!! Love your shelborne fan club!!

  • Dovid and Tikvah Azman C$231.79

    Way to go Shaindy! We love you!! Tikvah and Dovid

  • Slatus Family C$193.16

    Good luck Shaindy!!! We are so proud of you!! Love, Cousins Shlomy, Ahuvah, Matty, Aliza and Henny Slatus

  • Dahlia Fried C$257.55

    Shaindy, You’re an inspiration to us all! We love you and could not be more proud! Love, Shmilu, Dahlia and the kids

  • Suzi Klein C$128.77

    Way to go Shaindy!You’re a champ!

  • Alice Weiss C$231.79

    Hatzlacha Rabah darling Shaindy! I am so thrilled that you'll be running in the Yachad Marathon. You are one terrific young lady and I couldn't be more proud of you. Can't wait to see you I"YH. With Great Love, Babi

  • Tommy & Ruthy Azman Tommy & Ruthy C$231.79

    So proud of you Shaindy- you’re the BEST!! Good luck. Always our love, Tommy & Ruthy

  • Dr.Elizabeth Rosenberg C$231.79

    Dearest Shaindy What an AMAZING girl you are!! I am so excited for you and I am sure that this will be the first of many incredible moments in your life that will give you great satisfaction and happiness!! I simply love you and am so proud of you. Love Aunt Esther

  • Chaim zvi and chaya Azman C$128.77

    Good luck shaindy!! We are so proud of you! Love, chaim zvi , chaya and the boys!!!

  • Rivky Alpert C$100.00

    Go Shaindy!!! Not only did you reach your goal you reached way past it!! That’s because everyone loves you so much! Keep spreading happiness with your beautiful smile!!!!

  • Sarah Cohen C$15.00

    Shaindy!!! Hatzlacha Rabba!! Ur the best keep up all the great work! We love u!!!

  • Chavi Swerdloff C$169.85

    Go shaindy Go!! Chavi Swerdloff

  • Sheya & Shoshana Weinberger C$69.48

    Go big sis!! We're rooting for you! But no matter how you do you'll always be #1 to us:) Keep being someone that we can learn from! Your bro and (favorite) sister-in-law, Sheya and Shoshana

  • Michal Friedman C$18.00

    Wohooo go Shaindy!!!!! U rock!!!!!

  • Miriam Karakowsky C$18.00

    Good Luck Shaindy! Your gonna be the best! :)

  • sara hess C$18.00

    Go Shaindy!! We are rooting for you!! Sara, Zavy and Hindy:)

  • B,N,M Friends forever C$30.85

    Hey shaindy you can do this we love you !!!! Brachie, Nechama , miriam

  • Shloime and Mollie C$180.00

    Shaindy! We are so proud of you for doing this amazing event! Wishing you lots of success and lots of fun on Sunday. Wish we would be there to cheer you on, but we will be thinking of you! Can't wait to see the pictures :)

  • Aviva Heyman C$23.16

    Go shaindy!!! We're so proud!! You are so cool! Hatzlacha!! We love you!! Love, The Heymans

  • Chaya&Batsheva Brachfeld C$128.69

    Go Shaindy!!We are so proud of you!

  • Batsheva Stein C$64.35

    GO SHAINDY! !! Cheering you on! ! Lots of luck!!!

  • Levi Bedziner C$38.61

    So proud of u Shaindy!!! Ur the best!!! Love, Dassie

  • Shana Moller C$32.16

    Go Shaindy!!! You are the BEST!! We love you!! Keep on going strong!! Love, Shana and all the Moller Family

  • Anonymous C$64.43

    Wow Shaindy- ur quite amazing!! Keep being the Shaindy we all love! :)

  • Chanalla and David Deutsch C$231.96

    Mazal tov Shaindy on this fabulous accomplishment !! We are all soo proud of you.